The Anatomy of 117



The Statement

The most interesting aspect about infrastructure for me is that it certainly has a organic attribute, even though it is absolutely mechanical and precisely calculated. Both of that organic attribute and the infrastructure it self are usually veiled, like infrastructures of organic creatures, such as digestive system, excretive organs, respiratory function or circulatory organs are not easily exposed. Likewise, urban infrastructures and their organic structure are hardly recognized, even if they are continually operated to keep the city alive.
I propose interventions which allows people to recognize those underneath existences. Firstly, I looked over infrastructures for residential spaces, which is one of the most basic unit of the city and the most smallest scaled space in the city. I observed them biologically and anatomically, and designed several interventions which maximize their organic attributes. The language used here is came from the unusual moments that helps me recognize biological infrastructures inside me such as; gulping, burping, checking blood pressure and heartbeats, and pulsation on my wristlet. Those moments are digitally intervened in the water and sewage system, the ventilation system, and the electricity system in a residential unit.