This project played up the impression from an unique spatial condition.
The series of three videos and the virtual installation reflect my experience.


When I entered the racquetball court for the first time, I was strongly attracted to the space itself.

It seems;
unrealistic, virtual, futuristic, immaculate, surrealistic, unnatural, speck-less, commissure-less, completed cubic form

For me, the space has an unique potential of interaction, is not just a rule of the game. Playing the game is not enough to describe what I experienced inside there. It feels more like an interaction and a communication with the space than the sports . Hitting the ball to the wall/ceiling or from the wall/ceiling was a conversation between me and the space.
The ball moved fast, however the communication between me and the space was definitely calm and clear.

Motion of the Ball(conversation)

Except the space itself and the ball, everything else was unnecessary. For me, the other player's play felt like random surrounding sounds which may affect the conversation, because it delivered random energy which could change the movement of the ball. 

To extract my experience, I eliminated all information in the space such as players, materials and lighting, excluding sound, time and spacial coordinates of the ball.

Although it was a parallelepiped space, the space was unrealistically flawless. Because of that flawless, I recognized the space as an equilateral polyhedron which is absolutely perfect.

The following three videos and virtual space allows the situation to reveal itself.


082920131334 #1
Video titles indicated the date and time of the play

082920131334 #2

082920131334 #3


082920131334, Virtual Installation Drawings