Gubs are discarded wads of gum that have become flattened and blackened by car tires, shoes, and blowing dirt. Almost every building has hundreds of them around the entrances and even private, low traffic businesses will have a few.
'Gub Science', Charles Wenzel


These irregular little spots spread over everywhere in the city, which are usually overlooked.
However we know that, they were something sweet, in mouth, great little solution to release stress. Of course, each of them once had their own story. Each of them once had a particular relationship with people who chewed it.

I imagined the city where the gubs are alive and moving whenever they interact with citizens.


Interaction Rules
Gubs transform in terms of which people step on them. Traces of transforming remain. They could generate unique graphics depend on place and time. 


Sequences of Dancing Gub


Generated Output Images
Number indicates the latitude and longitude of a point where the image generated

#40.722221, -73.986212


#40.757054, -73.990074


#40.748792, -73.984431


Outdoor Installations
Suggested to be installed near the place the image generated