Memorial of City, River and Life


I designed the master plan for the cemetery at Gunsan, South Korea. The program for this design project was not given, so far I chose this program to reflect the history and the characteristics of the site which is a symbol of remembrance.

Gunsan, now a secluded small city of South Korea, was once one of the most thriving cities in the country.

Instead of solving the sedimentation issue caused by the sea current and tide along Gunsan coastal area, I decided to leave it and utilize the landscape as it is.

The landscape design suggested to be interacted with the sea current in two different ways. First, charnel buildings become floating island which are only accessible through underground pathway while the flood tide, but they will become normal landed buildings during the ebb. Second, those buildings cause sedimentation which will bring changes in landscape. This new landscape created along the building structures will keep changing the coastline after many decades.


Project Location and the Trace of the Ebb and Flood Tide


Section and Sea Level at the Ebb and Flood Tide


Simulation in 3D with Sea Level Changes


Relationship Between the Building and River on the Ebb and Flood Tide

Ebb Tide

Flood Tide


Structure Diagram


Site Plan


Plans and Sections